shicheng county

Shicheng County, Ganzhou City of Jiangxi Province under the jurisdiction of the county, located in the southeast of Jiangxi Province, the northeast of Ganzhou. Since ancient times, Shicheng has been the only way for Jiangxi to enter the west of Fujian and the east of Guangdong, known as the "thoroughfare of Fujian and Guangdong". The total area of the county is 1567 square kilometers. As of October 2021, Shicheng County has jurisdiction over 6 towns and 5 townships. By the end of 2021, the registered population of Shicheng County was 333,277.

Stone city, because of the territory of the "mountainous stone, Zhi Zhi as city" named. In the Southern Tang Dynasty, Baoda eleven years (953) Stone City rose to county, under the Zhaoxin Army in West Jiangxi. After 1970 belongs to Ganzhou area (city). Shicheng County is the birthplace of Chinese Hakka culture, the hometown of Chinese lantern art, the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art, known as the "cradle of Hakka". There are historical and cultural sites such as the thousand-year-old pagoda of Baofu Courtyard and the ancient Road, a thoroughfare of Fujian and Guangdong. Prime ministers Chen Shu and Chen Guozhong of the Northern Song Dynasty, Wen Ge of the Hakka private school pioneer, Chen Min of the Southern Song Dynasty and other sages remain immortal. The "century-old brand" Wang Runsheng's brush is sold at home and abroad. The Hengjiang heavy paper "as bright as jade and as good as a clink" was once a tribute in the Qing Dynasty. The Shicheng Lantern Festival and the production skills of Shicheng inkstone are listed in the national intangible cultural Heritage list. Shicheng County is also the central Soviet all red County, the Central Red Army Long March important departure point. Xingquan Railway passes through Shicheng and has a station. Quannan Expressway runs east and west, while Ji-Guangzhou Expressway runs north and south. Shicheng County is the hometown of white lotus and tobacco leaf in China. Shicheng White lotus has been approved as a National Geographic Indication protection product, and Shicheng tobacco has entered the main formula of "Golden Holy" series of China Tobacco in Jiangxi Province.

In April 2019, the People's government of Jiangxi Province agreed that Shicheng County would be officially removed from the poverty-stricken county. In 2021, the annual gross regional product (GDP) of Shicheng County reached 947,842 million yuan, an increase of 8.9% compared with the previous year at comparable prices.

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