Shifang county-level city

Shifang, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Deyang City in Sichuan Province, is located in Chengdu Plain in the hinterland of Sichuan Basin, adjacent to Mianzhu City and Jingyang District in the east, Guanghan City in the south and Pengzhou City in the west, belonging to a subtropical humid climate zone; Covering an area of 821 square kilometers, it has jurisdiction over 8 towns, 2 subdistricts and 1 economic development district.

Shifang once enjoyed the reputation of "Yu Trace Fairy Town" because of the footprints of Yu the Great. Li Bing, a famous hydraulic scientist in the Qin Dynasty, once controlled the water here and died here. Shifang or Buddhist South Zen eight ancestor Ma Daoyi's hometown, the Han Dynasty famous name Yong tooth sealed land, so Shifang city also known as Yong Cheng. Shifang's natural landscape is mainly Yinghuashan, Qingniutuo, etc.

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