Shiquan County

Shiquan County, subordinate to Ankang City of Shanxi Province, is located in the northwest of Ankang City, bordering Hanyin County in the east and south, Xixiang County in the southwest and west, Yangxian County and Foping County in the northwest, and Ningshan County in the north, with an area of 1516.4 square kilometers. As of October 2022, Shiquan County has jurisdiction over 11 towns. In 2021, the registered population of Shiquan County was 181,117.

The history of Shiquan County, from the Paleolithic Age, is one of the important birthplace of Chinese civilization. Xia and Shang period, a state of the ancient Yong. Spring and Autumn Period, belongs to the state of Pakistan. During the Warring States Period, it belonged to the states of Chu and Qin successively. In the ninth year of Emperor Gaudi of Han Dynasty (198), Anyang County was set up. In the first year (552) of the Emperor of the Western Wei Dynasty, this place was named Shiquan County because of the "many springs in the stone gap in the south of the city and endless runoff". On December 29, 2021, Shiquan County was awarded the title of "China's Natural Oxygen Bar" by the China Meteorological Administration.

In 2021, Shiquan County's GDP was 9.389 billion yuan, with per capita disposable income 19,749 yuan.

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