Shuanghu special area

Shuanghu special area is located in the north of Tibet, northwest of Nagqu region. The total area is 100,000 square kilometers (including Shenzha County area). It has a total population of more than 8000 people. It has jurisdiction over 2 districts, 4 townships and 19 village committees.
Shuanghu is a paraphrase of the Tibetan word "two lakes". Shuanghu Special Area, formerly known as Shuanghu Office, was a newly built administrative area in 1976 for the development of the "no man's land" in northern Tibet. This is a vast area, residential extremely scattered county special district.

This area is located in the lake basin belt of Qiangtang Plateau. The mountains are gentle and the grasslands are open. The terrain is high in the north and low in the south, mostly dry and cold and half desert grassland. With an average altitude of 5,000 meters, it is known as the world's highest county town. There are Kunlun Mountain, Tanggula Mountain, Hoh Xil Mountain, Dongbule Mountain and other mountains.

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