Soil County

Soil County (English: Rutog County), meaning "gun fork bracket" below. It belongs to Ngari, Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. It is located in the western part of Tibet and the northwest part of Ngari region. It is one of the border counties. It is located between 78°7 '-82°4' east longitude and 32°7 '-35°4' north latitude. The average altitude of the county is about 4500 meters, and the highest altitude is 6800 meters.

The people's government of the county is located in Ritu Town, with jurisdiction over 1 town and 4 townships, covering an area of 77,120 square kilometers, accounting for 1/15 of the total land area of the autonomous region. The existing cultivated land area is 8614.9 mu, pasture area is 70,724 mu, water area is 7.94 million mu, and cultivated land area is 0.73 mu. It is a border county based on animal husbandry, semi - farming and semi - grazing. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the county's permanent population was 11,167.

Ritu County is a half - farming and half - grazing county. The proportion of animal husbandry is large, and the limitations of agricultural production are great. Native products are mainly ghee, skin, wool, cattle cashmere, split belly fish, obliquate naked carp. On February 6, 2019, the People's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region decided to withdraw Ritu County from poverty. In October 2020, it was rated as the national model city (county) of double support.
In 2019, the GDP of Ritu County was 430.97 million yuan, the added value of the primary industry was 83.37 million yuan, the added value of the secondary industry was 86.57 million yuan, the general public budget revenue was 48.5 million yuan, and the general public budget expenditure was 1004.06 million yuan.

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