Taoyuan County

Taoyuan County, which belongs to Changde City of Hunan Province, is located in the northwest of Hunan Province, between 28°24'24 "~ 29°24'00" north latitude and 110°51'47 "~ 111°36'41" east longitude. The county area is 4442 square kilometers. Taoyuan County for the central subtropical to the north subtropical transition area, belongs to the central subtropical monsoon climate. As of 2019, Taoyuan County has jurisdiction over 2 subdistricts, 23 towns and 4 townships, with the county government stationed in Zhangjiang Subdistrict. According to the seventh census, Taoyuan County had a permanent population of 809,220 as of midnight on November 1, 2020.

Song Emperor Taizu Gande year (963), analysis of Wuling County, according to the transport of Zhang Yong's suggestion, Taoyuan County with its peach blossom source. The county was moved from the south bank of Yuanshui to the north bank of Yuanshui (Zhangjiang Street), under the jurisdiction of Langzhou. In April 1988, Changde area was changed into a prefecture-level city of Hunan Province, implementing the city leadership county system, Taoyuan under its jurisdiction. Taoyuan County has national Road 319 line, Changji, Changzhang Expressway and G319 line, S311 line through the entire territory. Within the territory of Taoyuan station, ox car river station. There are peach blossom Source, three pavilions and three pagodas, Star Womb, Ma Yuan Stone Room, Cloud World National Nature Reserve and other scenic spots.

In 2020, Taoyuan County achieved a regional GDP of 4298318 million yuan, an increase of 4.1 percent over the previous year. China's top 100 clean water counties and cities in 2020. On January 29, 2021, it was selected into the list of regions with remarkable achievements in 2020 published by Hunan Provincial People's Government.

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