Tianyang county

Tianyang county/ District, under the jurisdiction of Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is located in the west of Guangxi, in the middle of the Youjiang River Valley, with a total area of 2394 square kilometers. As of November 2020, Tianyang District has a permanent population of 308,785. As of 2020, Tianyang District has jurisdiction over 9 towns and 1 township. The district government is located at No. 42-1, Jiefang Middle Road, Tianzhou Town.

Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty, the beginning of Zengxian County (Tianyang area), the beginning of the South Yue. In 2019, Tianyang County was abolished and Tianyang District was established.
Tianyang District is a differentiated county for the protection and utilization of revolutionary cultural relics, a comprehensive demonstration county for e-commerce into rural areas, a national model unit for greening, an advantage area for agricultural products with Chinese characteristics, and a national advanced unit for quality service of family planning. In 2019, the People's government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region approved Tianyang County's removal from the poverty-stricken county list.
In 2020, the GDP of Tianyang District reached 15.9 billion yuan, an increase of 8%.

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