Tongjiang County

Tongjiang County, subordinate to Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, is located in the northeast of Bazhong City, the southern foot of the eastern section of Micang Mountain, between 31°39 '-32°33' north latitude, 106°59 '-107°46' east longitude, between the Daba mountain gap, a total area of 4116 square kilometers. It is a subtropical humid monsoon climate, with warm spring and cool autumn, hot summer and cold winter, concentrated precipitation, hot rain in the same season, four distinct seasons, and an annual average temperature of 13.9℃. As of November 2020, Tongjiang County has jurisdiction over 1 subdistrict, 30 towns and 2 townships. County government resident Bizhou Street South Street No.1. According to the seventh census, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Tongjiang County was 521,875.

Song Kande was transferred from Dongba County to Tongjiang County for four years and from Guangna County to Tongjiang County for five years. Yuan resets Tongjiang County, Bazhou, Ming. The Qing Dynasty is a Baoning Fu Tongjiang County. In the early period of the Republic of China, Jialing Road. In December 2000, Bazhong area was changed into Bazhong City, which is now Bazhong City. Roads in the territory of the main Tongba highway, Tongzhong road. Tongjiang County is honored as the "Capital of Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet Area", "Hometown of China's Red Army", "Hometown of Tremella" and "Hometown of Karst Caves". On December 14, 2017, Tongjiang County was named the fourth Civilized City of Sichuan Province. Tongjiang County is known as "one prefecture and three townships" (the capital of Sichuan-Shaanxi revolutionary base, the hometown of karst caves, the hometown of the Red Army, and the hometown of Tremella). On February 18, 2020, it withdrew from the poverty-stricken county.

On July 29, 2020, it was selected into the national Health township (county) naming list for the 2017-2019 cycle. September 22, 2020, won the 2019 Sichuan Province grain production "Harvest Cup".In 2020, the GDP of Tongjiang County reached 13.404 billion yuan, an increase of 1.6 percent over 2019. Specifically, the added value of the primary industry was 3.439 billion yuan, up by 5.5%; The added value of the secondary industry was 3.564 billion yuan, up by 0.4%; The value added of the tertiary industry was 6.40 billion yuan, up by 1.0%.

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