Tori County

Tori County, subordinate to Tacheng District of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is located in the northwest edge of the Junggar Basin, the southern edge of the Thar Basin, and the geographical heart of the Eurasian continent. It is located between 82 ° 28 ′ - 85 ° 20 ′ E and 44 ° 58 ′ - 46 ° 24 ′ N. The total area is 21300 square kilometers. It belongs to temperate continental semi-arid climate. As of October 2021, Tori County has jurisdiction over 4 towns, 4 townships and 4 other town-level units. The county people's government is located in Tori Town. By the end of 2019, there were 91280 people with registered residence in Toli County.

Tori County has been located in the Western Regions since ancient times. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, the county was a nomadic land of many nationalities, such as the Huns, the Serbs and the Wusun. In July 1981, the Tori County Revolutionary Committee was abolished and the Tori County People's Government was restored. The word "Tori" comes from the Mongolian language and means "mirror spring". Because there is a flourishing spring in the city, the spring water is clear and sweet, and looks like a mirror from afar, so it is named. Provincial Highway 221, Provincial Highway 318 and Provincial Highway 201 run through the whole territory, and the access rate of rural roads in Tori County is 90%. In May 2020, Tori County was selected as the "2020 Top Summer Resort Counties in China". The main scenic spots include Rose Valley, Kong Fansen Monument and Laotui Ecological Tourism Zone.

In 2021, the total output value of Tori County will be 4.478 billion yuan.

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