wanan county

Wan 'an County, which belongs to Ji 'an City of Jiangxi Province, is located in the south and central part of Jiangxi Province, bordering Xingguo County of Ganzhou City in the east, Ganxian District and Nankang District of Ganzhou City in the south, adjacent to Suichuan County in the west and Taihe County in the north. Wan 'an County covers a total area of 2051 square kilometers, with jurisdiction over 9 towns, 7 townships and 1 reclamation farm. By the end of 2021, the total population of Wan 'an County is 315,700, among which 129,800 are urban population, accounting for 41.1% of the total population.

Wan 'an Town was set up in the first year of Baoda in the Southern Tang Dynasty (943). In the fourth year of Xining in the Song Dynasty (1071), the town was changed into a county, and Furong Town was governed by the county. From the Song Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, Wan 'an County had 132 scholars and more than 470 people. Wan 'an County is one hour's drive from Jinggangshan Airport and Ganzhou Golden Airport, and is traversed by Daguang Expressway, Chang-Jiangxi high-speed Railway, 105 National Highway and 356 National Highway. Wan 'an County has been awarded the titles of "Hometown of Chinese Farmer Painting", "Hometown of Chinese Singing Boat Culture", "National Model City suitable for working and living", "National Model County for Building Happy Rural Communities", "Province Beautiful and Livable", and "Province's first Batch of Model Counties for Food Safety Management".
In 2021, Wan 'an County's GDP reached 10.938 billion yuan, an increase of 10.3% over 2020 based on comparable prices.

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