wangjiang county

Wangjiang County, subordinate to Anqing City of Anhui Province, is located in the southwest of Anhui Province, on the north bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, between latitude 30°63 '-- 30°26' north, longitude 116°26 '-- 116°55' east, with a total area of 1347.98 square kilometers. In the southeast, it faces Dongzhi County and Pengze County of Jiangxi Province across the river. In the southwest, it is adjacent to Susong County, Gongbo Lake; in the northwest, Ximenda and Xiaomingshan border Taihu County; in the north, Wanshui border with Huining County. As of May 2022, Wangjiang County has jurisdiction over 3 subdistricts, 9 towns and 1 township. As of 2021, Wangjiang County has a total population of 639,700.

In the 18th year of Emperor Kaihuang's reign (598), Yixiang County was changed into Wangjiang County, which was named "Wangjiang" because Baota River in the southeast of the city used to be the old route of the Yangtze River. Alms Bowl Mountain in the city allows you to see the victory of the river flow. Wangjiang is rich in natural resources and has a beautiful ecological environment. It is known as the hometown of fish and rice and the hometown of White clouds. It belongs to the north subtropical monsoon climate zone, with four distinct seasons and mild climate. It has 950,000 mu of cultivated land, 330,000 mu of woodland and 550,000 mu of water surface. Wuchang Lake, which covers an area of 150,000 mu, has excellent water quality and beautiful scenery. It is an ecological wetland reserve in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and a wintering habitat for rare birds such as swans, cranes, storks and wild geese.

In 2021, Wangjiang County achieved the gross regional product (GDP) of 20.23 billion yuan, including the primary industry of 3.499 billion yuan, the secondary industry of 8.324 billion yuan, the tertiary industry of 8.403 billion yuan, the ratio of the tertiary industry structure of 17.3:41.2:41.5, the per capita GDP of 44,000 yuan.

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