Wensu County

Wensu County, belonging to the Aksu region of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is located at the south foot of Tomur Peak in the middle section of the western Tianshan Mountains, the northwest edge of the Tarim Basin, bordering Baicheng County and Xinhe County in the east, adjacent to Aksu City in the south, facing Wushi County across the Toshkan River in the west, and bordering the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Kazakhstan and Zhaosu County of Xinjiang Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture in the north. It is between 40 ° 52-42 ° 15 ′ N and 79 ° 28 ′ - 81 ° 30 ′ E, 171 kilometers long from east to west, 158 kilometers wide from south to north, and a total area of 14569.3 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 8 towns and 5 townships.

Wensu is a place name in the Western Regions of the Han Dynasty. The Uyghur language is called "Aksu Kuanaxie Haier", which means the old city of Aksu. It also means "Wensu" in the Uyghur language is "more water". Wensu is the seat of Gumo, one of the thirty-six countries in the ancient Western Regions, and is also a famous commercial post on the ancient Silk Road. Zhang Qian, Ban Chao, Kumarashi, Xuanzang, Li Bai, Lin Zexu and other historical celebrities have left their historical footprints one after another; The thousand-year-old ancient tombs, Gaolaozhuang site, Liusha River, Prince's Tomb and Queen's Tomb are the witnesses of the history of the ancient Silk Road.

In 2021, the local GDP of Wensu County will reach 9.932 billion yuan, including 3.404 billion yuan of added value of the primary industry, 1.857 billion yuan of added value of the secondary industry and 4.671 billion yuan of added value of the tertiary industry. The structural percentage of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in the local GDP will be 34:19:47.

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