wuyuan county

Wuyuan County, subordinate to Shangrao City of Jiangxi Province, is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, between 117°21 '56.6 "-118°12' 13.7" east longitude and 29°01 '43.3 "-29°34' 39.3" north latitude, with a total area of 2967.78 square kilometers. Wuyuan County is located in the Middle subtropical zone, with the characteristics of East Asian monsoon region, with mild climate, abundant rainfall, short frost period and distinct four seasons. By 2020, Wuyuan County has jurisdiction over 1 subdistrict, 10 towns and 6 townships. The county people's government in Boa City street. By the end of 2021, Wuyuan County has 312,311 permanent residents, 2,674 fewer than that at the end of 2020.

The county was founded in the twenty-eighth year (740 years) of the Kaiyuan Dynasty of the Tang Dynasty. It was formerly Huizhou Prefecture. In 1949, it was placed under the jurisdiction of Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. There are two expressways: Jingwuhuang and Jingwuchang. Jingfu high-speed Railway runs north-south and Jiujingqu Railway runs east-west. As a national cultural ecological protection area, Wuyuan County has successively won the honorary titles of "China Tourism Strong County", "National Tourism Standardization Demonstration County", "National Rural Tourism Resort Experimental Area", "China Excellent International Rural Tourism Destination" and "first batch of National All-Regional Tourism Demonstration Area". Wuyuan County to "Wuyuan culture and ecological tourism area" won the national 3A level tourism scenic spots, have Jiangwan scenic spot, big Zhang Mountain Wolong Valley scenic spot, Lingyan cave scenic spot, Wengong Mountain scenic spot, Yuanyang Lake scenic spots.

In 2021, Wuyuan County achieved a gross regional product of 15.481 billion yuan, an increase of 8.8% over 2020. The value added of the primary industry was 1.19 billion yuan, up by 6.9%; The added value of the secondary industry was 3.774 billion yuan, up by 9.2%; The value added of the tertiary industry was 10.517 billion yuan, up by 8.9%. The contribution of the three industries to economic growth was 6.5%, 24.3% and 69.2% respectively. The third industrial restructuring was 7.7:24.4:67.9, with the secondary industry accounting for 1.2 percentage points more than in 2020.


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