Xiangwuqi County

Xiangwuqi County, under the jurisdiction of Qamdo City of Tibet Autonomous Region, is located in the northeast of Tibet Autonomous Region, north of Qamdo City, in the west of Nianqing Tanggula Mountain Yu Mai Bshula Ridge, Tanggula Mountain Yu mai Tanyantaweng Mountain at the east end, three rivers (Ziqu River, Gequ River, Angqu River) valley. Uqi County is a plateau climate area, inland dry climate type. The total area is 6147 square kilometers. By the end of 2019, there were 58,285 people in 12,835 households, including 54,457 farmers and herdsmen in 11,133 households. In 2020, Jiewuqi County has jurisdiction over 2 towns and 8 townships, and the county government is based in Sando Town.

Class Wuqi, translated as "mountain" in Tibetan. In the mid-13th century, the Yuan Dynasty realized the great unification of China and set up the General System Academy (later renamed the Xuanzheng Academy) to manage Buddhist affairs throughout the country and political and religious affairs in Tibetan areas. Uzzi is run by the Garth family. On October 18, 1950, the Chinese People's Liberation Army liberated Wuqi. In May 1959, XuanWuqizong was changed into XuanWuqi County and the county people's government was established. In November 2014, Qamdo District and Qamdo County were abolished and prefecture-level Qamdo City was established. Zuwuqi County is under the jurisdiction of Qamdo City. The main scenic spots in Zuwuqi County include Yiji Sacred Mountain, Deqing Pozhang Sacred Mountain, Seji Snow Mountain, Tang Dynasty Berlin, Yili Hot Spring, Bunle Cave, Hamirou Lake and Cuogama Sacred Lake, etc. There are such as Wuqi Temple (Chajma Temple), Qoyamata forest, ancient tombs, deer farm and other cultural landscape.

In 2019, the GDP of Wuqi County reached 1.232 billion yuan, up 8.2% year on year. In October 2018, the People's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region officially approved the withdrawal of Wuqi County from poverty.

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