Xifeng County

Xifeng County, located between 106°27 'and 106°53' east longitude and 26°57 'and 27°19' north latitude, belongs to Guiyang City of Guizhou Province. It is adjacent to Kaiyang in the east, Xiuwen in the south, and Bozhou District in Zunyi City and Jinsha County in Bijie City in the northwest. The total area is 1036.5 square kilometers. As of October 2022, Xifeng County has jurisdiction over 1 subdistrict, 9 towns and 1 township. County people's government in Yongyang street. In 2021, Xifeng County has 223,900 permanent residents and 278,500 registered residents.

Xiifeng, by the Ming Dynasty Chongzhen Emperor take "calm the flames" meaning to give the name, known as "Sichuan Guizhou key, Guizhou throat" reputation. It is located in the central Guizhou Economic Zone determined by The State Council, Guiyang ecological protection and development Zone, and the northern high-tech industrial real economy belt. On February 2, 2019, it was named as the advanced unit of grassroots TCM work at the county level by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 2021, the GDP of Xifeng County was 16.582 billion yuan, an increase of 7% over the same period last year. The value added of the primary industry was 2.631 billion yuan, and that of the secondary industry was 5.393 billion yuan; The added value of the tertiary industry was 8.558 billion yuan, up 7.7% over the same period last year. In 2022, the GDP of Xifeng County was 17.511 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 3.3%.

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