Yibin County

Yibin County (now deformed), also known as the Bo Road, is an ancient county located in Yibin city with "a history of over 2,000 years". Between 28°18 '-29 °16' north latitude, 104°01 '-104 °43' east longitude, the county area of 2945.83 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 26 towns. County government in Baixi town.
Yibin County is the hometown of Shanghai labor movement leader Liu Hua, Autumn Harvest Uprising commander Lu Deming, anti-Japanese national hero Zhao Yiman and other revolutionary pioneers. Yibin County, "South Sichuan Bamboo Sea", "Shihaidong Township" and other world-class and national tourist attractions form a ring golden tourism line.

On July 23, 2018, with the approval of The State Council, Yibin County was abolished and Syuzhou District of Yibin City was established. The former administrative areas of Yibin County (excluding Kongtan Town, Wangchang Town, Baihua Town, Yongxing Town and Shuangyi Town), Nanan Street, Zhaochang Street and Nanguang Town of Cuiping District were taken as administrative areas of Syuzhou District, and the People's Government of Syuzhou District was located in No. 123, Xianfu Street, Baixi Town; Kongtan Town, Wangchang Town, Baihua Town, Yongxing Town and Shuangyi Town of Yibin County will be placed under the jurisdiction of Cuiping District of Yibin City.

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