Yichuan County

Yichuan County is located in the north of Shanxi Province, the southeast of Yan 'an City, the middle reaches of the Yellow River by the Hukou Waterfall, north of the revolutionary holy land Yan 'an Pagoda District, Yanchang County, south of Huanglong, adjacent to the hometown of Taishi Hancheng, across the Yellow River to the east of Shanxi Jixian County. The county covers a total area of 2931 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 4 towns and 2 townships, an urban subdistrict office. National Highway 309, Provincial Highway 303 and Provincial Highway 242 pass through the border, and Qingqing (Island) LAN (Zhou) High speed and Yulin (Lin) LAN (Tian) High speed and Haoji Railway intersect. Yichuan belongs to the hilly and gully region of the Loess Plateau in northern Shanxi province. Its landforms are dominated by "mountains, rivers, gullies and tableland". The forest coverage rate is 48.6% and the forest and grass coverage rate is 60%. According to the seventh census, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Yichuan County was 112,090.

In 2020, the GDP of Yichuan County was 4.24 billion yuan, an increase of 2.9%; The investment in fixed assets was 4.248 billion yuan, up by 11.4%; Local government revenue was 211 million yuan, up 5.6%; Total retail sales of consumer goods were 883 million yuan, down 5.4%; The per capita disposable income of urban residents was 35,178 yuan, up by 4.3%; The per capita disposable income of rural residents was 12,271 yuan, up 8.1 percent.

In March 2019, it was listed as the first batch of counties under the protection and utilization of revolutionary cultural relics. On May 7, 2019, the Shanxi Provincial government announced that Yichuan County of Yan 'an City was removed from the list of poverty-stricken counties [2]. On September 20, 2019, it was awarded the honorary title of National Model Unit of greening. On July 29, 2020, it was selected into the national Health township (county) naming list for the 2017-2019 cycle.

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