yihuang county

Yihuang County, subordinate to Fuzhou City of Jiangxi Province, is located in the eastern part of central Jiangxi Province and the south of Fuzhou City. It is adjacent to Nancheng County and Nanfeng County in the east, Ningdu County in the south, Le 'an County and Chongren County in the west, and Linchuan District in the north. The county covers an area of 1,944 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over 8 towns, 4 townships, 2 reclamation farms and 1 provincial industrial park. A total of 139 administrative villages, 13 communities. By the end of 2020, the permanent population of Yihuang County was 201,127.

Yihuang County is a settlement of Jiangyou people. It was built in the second year of Wu Taiping of The Three Kingdoms (257). It got its name because the county was located at the confluence of Yishui and Huangshui. Yihuang, known as "Opera Town", is the birthplace of Erhuang Opera (Yihuang Opera). Yihuang Caoshan Temple is the ancestral court of Caodong School of Zen Buddhism. Yihuang County is characterized by mountains and hills. The general situation is "eight mountains and half water, one field, one road and one manor". Yihuang County scenic spots Junfeng mountain, Caoshan scenic spot, Guanyin Lake, Tang Yin ancient town, Tai Chi rock Gong.
In 2021, the GDP of Yihuang County reached 9.978 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 8.6%; Total fiscal revenue reached 1.378 billion yuan, up 23.6% year on year.

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