yingshang county

Yingshang County, subordinate to Fuyang City of Anhui Province, is located in the northwest of Anhui Province, at the confluence of Huaihe River and Yinghe River, and at the southernmost point of Huaibei Plain. South of the Huaihe River, across Yingying water. It borders Fengtai County in the east; In the west, it is adjacent to Yingzhou District, Yingdong District and Funan County of Fuyang City. South and Huoqiu County, Shou County across the Huai River; It borders Leesing County to the north. It is between 115°56 -- 116°38 east longitude and 32°27 -- 32°54 north latitude. It is 72.5 kilometers long from east to west and 56.1 kilometers wide from north to south, with a total area of 1987 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 22 towns and 8 townships.

Yingshang has a long history, cultural Wei Sheng. As early as more than 3,000 years ago in the Western Zhou Dynasty, it was established as "Shen Yi" in the Zhou Dynasty, "Shen County" in the Qin Dynasty, and renamed as "Yingshang" in the second year of Sui Daye (606), which has a history of more than 1,400 years. Yingshang County is also the birthplace of Hua-Gu-deng art and Tui-tui opera. Known as Oriental Ballet, Yingshang Hua-Gu-deng and Yingshang-Tui Opera have been rated as national and provincial intangible cultural heritages respectively. Yingshang County was identified as the city's only "thousand years old county".

By the end of 2021, Yingshang County has a permanent population of 1.198 million. In 2021, the gross regional product of Yingshang County reached 46.05 billion yuan, in which the added value of the primary industry was 6.94 billion yuan, the secondary industry was 19.14 billion yuan and the tertiary industry was 20.43 billion yuan. The ratio of the tertiary industry structure was 14.9:41.2:43.9.

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