yiyang county

Yiyang County, subordinate to Luoyang City, Henan Province, is located in the west of Luoyang City, between 111 ° 45 ′ - 112 ° 26 ′ E and 34 ° 16 ′ - 34 ° 42 ′ N, and belongs to the warm temperate continental monsoon climate. Yiyang County covers a total area of 1616 square kilometers. As of October 2022, Yiyang County has jurisdiction over 1 street, 11 towns and 4 townships, and the county government is located in Xingyi Street.

The territory of Yiyang County belongs to Luoxi Prefecture of Yuzhou in the Xia and Shang Dynasties, and Yiyang City of South Korea in the Warring States Period. In April 1986, Luoyang Special District was cancelled, and Yiyang County was changed to Luoyang City. In Yiyang County, the provincial roads Baguan Line and Anhu Line cross from east to west, the provincial roads CSR, the county roads Yixin Road and Yibai Road run from south to north, and Luoyang Southwest Ring Expressway and Zhengzhou-Xi'an Expressway Passenger Dedicated Railway pass through.

In 2021, Yiyang County will achieve a GDP of 33.33 billion yuan, an increase of 5.2% over the previous year. The added value of the primary industry was 3.98 billion yuan, up 7.1%; The added value of the secondary industry was 12.71 billion yuan, up 2.7%; The added value of the tertiary industry was 16.62 billion yuan, up 6.7%. The tertiary industrial structure is 12.0: 38.1: 49.9.

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