yongding county

Yongding District (formerly Yongding County, Tingzhou Prefecture) is located in the southwest of Fujian Province, bordering Nanjing County in the east, Pinghe County in the southeast, Dapu County and Mei County in Guangdong Province in the southwest, Shanghang County in the northwest, and Xinluo District in the northeast, with a total area of 2223 square kilometers. Human beings have lived and multiplied since the Neolithic Age. In the 14th year of Chenghua in the Ming Dynasty (1478), Shanghang County was analyzed and Yongding County was established. In 2014, Yongding County was abolished and Yongding District of Longyan City was established.

Yongding is a "southern mining area" and "hometown of flue-cured tobacco", with geothermal resources ranking first in Longyan City. The streams in the territory are divided into three major water systems, namely Tingjiang River, Jiulong River and Meijiang River. The drainage area of Tingjiang River, Yongding River, Jinfeng River, Huangtan River, Fu River and Qiling River is more than 100 square kilometers. Mianhuatan Hydropower Plant is the second largest hydropower plant in Fujian Province. Yongding is the "Red Cradle", an important part of the old revolutionary base and the Central Soviet Area. The Revolution of 1911 broke out, and the first volunteer teacher in western Fujian responded. In the summer of 1926, the first rural branch of the Communist Party of Fujian Province was established in Hulei. From June 29 to early July 1928, the "Yongding Rebellion" was held to establish the earliest Red Army team in Fujian. Yongding is the "Hometown of Hakka", pure Hakka County, one of the important settlements and distribution centers of Hakka people, and one of the eight major overseas Chinese towns in Fujian Province.

Yongding is the "hometown of tulou", the birthplace and core distribution area of Fujian tulou. In July 2008, Yongding Hakka Tulou was successfully listed in the World Cultural Heritage List. In December 2013, Yongding County won the title of "Top 100 Tourism Counties in China".

Yongding local specialties mainly include flue-cured tobacco, Yongding dried vegetables, red persimmons, Wanying tea and morinda officinalis. Featured snacks mainly include Kylin reincarnation, Kongming borrowed arrows, stone carving, eight crispy drunken immortals, dried vegetables and meat, beef balls, taro buns, eight treasures of rice, four fruit soup, sliced chicken (duck), glutinous rice cake, etc.

In 2021, the total GDP of Yongding District will be 31.21 billion yuan, up 8.2% year on year.

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