yunxian county

Yunxian County (Yunxian County) generally means Yunyang District
Yunyang District, attached to Shiyan City of Hubei Province, ancient name "Yanjiang", an area of 3863 square kilometers, has jurisdiction over 19 towns (fields) and 1 economic development zone, 348 village (residential) committees. According to the 7th census data, the permanent population of Yunyang District was 395,222 as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020.

Yunyang is an important area for the study of ancient human origin, evolution and development. Yunyang is located near the 30° north latitude of the earth and is located in the geographical "chicken heart" of China. There are the Qinglongshan dinosaur fossils, the skull fossils of "Yunxian Man", the Meipu Man, the Bailongdong Man and the Huanglongdong Man, and the Liaowadianzi site, which is known as the "underground history of mankind". There are Ancheng ancient copper mine site, Hanjiazhou site, Qinglongquan site, Yunyangfu Academy Dacheng Hall and other cultural relics and historic sites. Yunyang is the hometown of dinosaurs, the birthplace of ancient humans, the source of Chu culture and the cradle of Han culture.

Yunyang District is the core water source of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Diversion project. Danjiangkou Dam is the first district, east Wudang, south of Che Cheng, Han River through the border, the forest coverage rate of 60%. In 2019, the region's gross domestic product (GDP) reached 16.686 billion yuan.

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