zhangshu county-level city

Zhangshu City, a county level city under the jurisdiction of Yichun City of Jiangxi Province, is located in the central part of Jiangxi Province, on the south edge of Poyang Lake plain, across the middle reaches of Ganjiang River, between 115°06 '33 "to 115°42' 23" east longitude, 27°49 '07 "to 28°09' 15" north latitude, with a total area of 1,290.99 square kilometers. Zhangshu City for the subtropical monsoon climate, with a warm climate, four distinct seasons, short frost period, sufficient sunshine characteristics. As of 2018, Zhangshu City has jurisdiction over 5 subdistricts, 10 towns, 4 townships, and 3 township units. City government in Ganyang Street. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Camphor Tree was 485,649.

In the 26th year of the First Emperor of Qin (221 BC), Xingan County was founded and administered in Ganyang (today's urban area of Zhangshu City). In the second year of Shengyuan in the Southern Tang Dynasty (938), the area to the north of Xingan County was designated, and Chongxue Township of Xingan County, Jian 'an Township and Xiude Township of Gao 'an County were allocated to build Qingjiang County in Xiaotan Town (renamed Linjiang Town in Song Dynasty). On October 26, 1988, Qingjiang County was abolished and Zhangshu City was established. Since ancient times, Zhangshu City has been known as "the hub of thoroughfare of eight provinces and the downtown of industry and commerce in Jiangxi Province". Zhejiang-jiangxi Railway runs through the city, Beijing-Kowloon Railway and 105 National Highway run from north to south, and Gan-Guangdong Expressway and Shanghai-Rui expressway run from east to west. Zhangshu Port, Nanchang Port and Jiujiang Port are called the three major ports of Ganjiang River. Zhangshu City has tombs, ancient buildings, stone carvings, steles and other cultural relics protection point more than 1000. In December 2016, it was listed as the third batch of national comprehensive pilot areas for new urbanization. [2] In 2019, it was listed as a demonstration county (district) of National IPR Strong County Project.
In 2020, the GDP of Zhangshu City reached 42.474 billion yuan, an increase of 4.1% compared with 2019 based on comparable prices.

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