zhengyang county

Zhengyang County, under the jurisdiction of Zhumadian City, Henan Province, is located on the shore of Huai Ru. It faces Luoshan and Xinyang across the Huai River in the south, Xincai and Xixian in the east, Runan and Pingyu in the north, Queshan County in the west, and Beijing Hong Kong Macao Expressway, Daguang Expressway, Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway and Xinyang Expressway look around. The county covers a total area of 1903 square kilometers, governing 2 streets, 8 towns and 10 townships. According to the data of the seventh population census, as of 00:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Zhengyang County is 625123.

Zhengyang, known as the "land of rich sorghum" in history, has a reputation of "half rice, half flour, and it is hard to buy Zhengyang County with money". It has three "Top 100 Counties in Agriculture", namely, peanut, pig and wheat. It has successively won the first county in peanut planting, the first county in pig transfer, the top 100 counties in grain production, the national agricultural science and technology demonstration park (core area), and the national demonstration county in mechanization of major crop production Honorary titles such as the national standardized production base county of green food raw materials (peanuts and wheat), the example of the national rural innovation and entrepreneurship typical county, the national "one county, one product" brand making the county one of the top ten counties, the national demonstration county for promoting the integration of planting and breeding, the national "one county, one product" brand anti-poverty action plan county, the agricultural standardized production demonstration county of Henan Province, and the provincial demonstration county for the integration of one, two and three industries.

In 2019, the GDP of Zhengyang County was 24.24 billion yuan, an increase of 7.2% over the previous year.

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