Zhidan County

Zhidan County, subordinate to Yan 'an of Shanxi Province, is located in the hilly and gully region of the Loess Plateau in the north of Shanxi Province. It is connected to Ansai District in the east, Wuqi County and Jingbian County in the northwest, Ganquan County and Fu County in the southeast, and Heshui County and Huachi County in Gansu Province in the southwest. Between east longitude 108°11 '56 "-- 109°3' 48", north latitude 36°21 '23 "-- 37°11' 47", the total area of 3781 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 1 street and 7 towns.

Zhidan County formerly known as Bao 'an County, 25 years of the Republic of China (1936) in June, in memory of "mass leader, national hero" General Liu Zhidan and renamed as Zhidan County. There are more than 760 relics of Longshan Culture and Qinzhi Road. The Old site of Baoan Revolution, the Mausoleum of Liu Zhidan Martyrs and the old site of Hongda are the site teaching points of China Executive Leadership Academy Yan 'an, the national key cultural relics protection unit and the national key martyr memorial building protection unit. The Jiuwushan Taoist clay figure sitting on its body is praised as "unparalleled in Shanxi and rare in China". It was also the place where Ding Ling initiated and approved the establishment of the "China Art Association".

In 2021, Zhidan County has a permanent population of 153,700. In 2021, Zhidan County achieved a gross regional product of 19.64 billion yuan, in which the added value of the primary industry was 1.13 billion yuan, the secondary industry 15.47 billion yuan and the tertiary industry 3.04 billion yuan.

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