Zhijiang Autonomous County

Zhijiang Autonomous County, under the jurisdiction of Huaihua City, Hunan Province. Located in the west of Hunan Province, central Huaihua City. It is located at the southern foot of Wuling Mountains and the extension of the eastern fringes of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, adjacent to Zhongfang County and Hecheng District in the east, Hongjiang City, Huitong County and Tianzhu County of Guizhou Province in the south, Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County and Wanshan District of Guizhou Province in the west, Mayang Miao Autonomous County and Tongren City of Guizhou Province in the north, with a total area of 2099 square kilometers. In 2021, the registered population of Zhijiang County is 372,200. The permanent population is 307,300.

Zhi River, Han Gaozu five years (202 BC) county, the county seat Zhi River town six degrees for the state government. In August 1945, the victory of the Anti-Japanese War was held in Zhi River. Zhi River became famous and became a historical city of the Anti-Japanese War. Zhi River has national 4A scenic spots -- Memorial Hall of Chinese People's Resistance Against Japanese Resistance, Memorial Hall of Flying Tigers, Wind and Rain Bridge of Dong Township -- Longjin Wind and Rain Bridge, Tianhou Palace, the largest inland Mazu Temple, Wanhe Tower, the largest Dong drum tower group in China, and a large number of cultural and natural landscapes, such as the provincial nature reserve -- Sandaokeng. In November 2015, it was listed in the second batch of national comprehensive pilot areas for new urbanization. On September 25, 2018, it was awarded the honorary title of "2018 E-commerce into Rural Comprehensive Demonstration County" by the Ministry of Commerce. On April 16, 2019, the People's Government of Hunan Province confirmed that Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County met the conditions for being a poverty-stricken county and agreed to be lifted out of poverty. On January 29, 2021, it was selected into the list of regions with remarkable achievements in 2020 published by Hunan Provincial People's Government. On February 3, 2021, Zhijiang will become China's second "International City of Peace" after Nanjing in Jiangsu Province.

In 2021, the GDP of Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County reached 1,132.403 million yuan, an increase of 8.8 percent. Among them, the added value of the primary industry was 2,454.05 million yuan, and that of the secondary industry was 3,019.3 million yuan; The added value of the tertiary industry is 5850.68 million yuan, and the ratio of the tertiary industry structure is 21.7:26.6:51.7.

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