zhouning county

Zhouning County (formerly Ningde County, Funing Prefecture) is subordinate to Ningde City, Fujian Province, located in the northeast of Fujian Province, between 26 ° 53 ′ - 27 ° 19 ′ N and 119 ° 06 ′ - 119 ° 29 ′ E. It borders Fu'an in the east, Zhenghe in the west, Shouning in the north, Ningde in the southeast, and Pingnan across the river in the southwest. The total land area is 1035 square kilometers. Located at the east foot of Jiufeng Mountain, the terrain inclines from northwest to southeast, with an average elevation of 800 meters, and the county seat is more than 880 meters above sea level, ranking the top of the province, known as "the pearl of mountains".

Zhouning County governs 147 administrative villages (communities) in 6 towns and 3 townships. The county people's government is located at No. 32, Beimen Road, Shicheng Town. According to the results of the seventh national population census, as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent resident population of Zhouning County was 149567.

There are 18 main streams in Zhouning County, and the longest stream in Longting River is 56 kilometers long. The main scenic spots include the National AAAA Tourist Attraction, the National Scenic Spot, the fourth core park of the Ningde World Geopark - Liyuxi · Jiulongji, the National AAAA Tourist Attraction Chenqi, and the Dishuiyan, Qinshan Lake, Guanshan, Houlong Grand Canyon, Bat Cave, Shimen Mountain, Xianfeng Mountain, Lingfeng Temple, Fangguang Temple. The Provincial Highway 302 and Ningwu Expressway cross the county, and the Quning Railway passes through Zhouning and sets up a station in Xiancun Town. In 2018, Zhouning County achieved a GDP of 5.09 billion yuan, an increase of 5.2% over the previous year.

Zhouning County has a mid-subtropical monsoon mountain climate with long winter and short summer, abundant rainfall, average annual temperature of 14.6 ℃ and annual precipitation of 2069 mm. It is known as the "natural air conditioning city". In 2020, Zhouning County will achieve a GDP of 7.616 billion yuan, an increase of 3.3% over the previous year.

In April 2020, it will meet the conditions for poverty alleviation and exit from the provincial key counties for poverty alleviation and development.

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