Zhouzhi county

Zhouzhi county, belonging to xi 'an, shanxi province is located in the western guanzhong, east neighbour to Hu cities area, south and NingShan, foping county, west and this, taibai county, north with out, martial arts, xingping, and Yang, on the other side of the land. Between east longitude 107°39 '-- 108°37', north latitude 33°42 '-- 34°14', the total area of 2974 square kilometers, 68 kilometers away from Xi 'an city. It has jurisdiction over 1 sub-district and 19 towns.

Weeks to build the county more than two thousand years, because of "mountain song for Zhou, water qu Zhi" the name, south qinling, WeiShui in the north, known as "gold weeks", is the western gate of xi 'an. Zhouzhi has a good natural ecology. It is a state-level ecological demonstration county, one of the first batch of the most charming eco-tourism counties in China, a national key ecological functional zone and a pilot demonstration county for the construction of national main functional zones. There is Qinling National Botanical Garden, the largest botanical garden in the world. Zhouzhi has a profound cultural heritage. Within its territory, there are such cultural and historical sites as "the first blessed land under Heaven" where Laozi taught Tao Te Ching, "Song of Everlasting Regret" written by Bai Juyi, and Xianyou Temple famous at home and abroad for Buddhist Serra of Sui Dynasty, hometown of Zhao Gongming, the God of wealth in China, and Li Erqu, a great scholar. Zhou to is the world's largest kiwifruit production base, won the "Chinese kiwifruit capital" "China green ecological agriculture advanced county" title, Zhou to kiwifruit agricultural products geographical indication certification by the Ministry of Agriculture and rural areas, was listed as China kiwifruit regional brand value ranking first, is the northwest region's largest seedling flower distribution center and Xi 'an main vegetable supply.

By the end of 2021, Zhouzhi County has a permanent resident population of 559,900. In 2021, Zhouzhi County achieved the gross regional product (GDP) of 14.639 billion yuan, including the primary industry achieved the added value of 4.224 billion yuan, the secondary industry achieved the added value of 1.423 billion yuan, the tertiary industry achieved the added value of 8.992 billion yuan, the composition of the three industries is 28.85:9.72:61.43. Per capita GDP is 26,214 yuan.

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