zhuxi county

Zhuxi County, under the jurisdiction of Shiyan City of Hubei Province, is located in the Qinba Mountain area at the junction of Hubei, Chongqing and Shaanxi provinces. On the west is Pingli County, Zhenping County and Xunyang City of Shaanxi Province, on the south is Wuxi County of Chongqing Municipality, and on the east is Zhushan County of Hubei Province, with a total area of 3310 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 11 towns and 4 townships.

Zhuxi is covered with mountains and rivers, with a north subtropical humid monsoon climate and the Han River system in the Yangtze River Basin. It is an important water conservation area of the "South-to-North water Diversion Project" and the dividing line between the north and the South climate. The forest coverage rate is 76.8% and the vegetation coverage rate is 83.9%. The air environment quality within the territory has generally reached the first level standards stipulated by the state, with more than 320 good days. There are 3,310 species of vascular plants in 204 families, 1,043 genera. Professor Oh Zheng-il, a renowned botanist, called it a gene pool of plants and animals and an encyclopedia of living things. Zhuxi is a large county of mineral resources reserves, with national strategic mineral reserves of rare earth and uranium. It is the birthplace of the Yoba culture. Meiziya tea, Pengyugou rice, Cixiaogou Nanmu used to be the ancient palace tributes, become the "three tribute" producing areas. "Shan Erhuang" and "Bamboo Stream Steam Basin" have been included in the national and provincial intangible cultural heritage lists respectively. In Zhuxi there is 18 Li Long Gorge, the deepest gorge in central and eastern China. Related to the Great Wall site of Ya Chu; Ming Jiajing years of "mining emperor wood" cliff stone carvings; There is the ancient salt road of Qin Ba.

By the end of 2021, the registered population of Zhuxi County is 346,885. In 2021, the gross regional product of Zhuxi County reached 10.25 billion yuan, of which the added value of the primary industry was 2.82 billion yuan, that of the secondary industry was 2.30 billion yuan, that of the tertiary industry was 5.13 billion yuan, and the ratio of the tertiary industry was 27.5:22.4:50.1. Calculated by the permanent population, the per capita GDP is 36,142 yuan (current price).

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