zongyang county

Zhongyang County, known as Zongzi County in ancient times, belongs to Tongling City, Anhui Province. It is located in the south-central part of Anhui Province, on the north bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and at the southeast foot of Dabie Mountain. Its geographical coordinates are between 30°38 '-- 31°05' north latitude, 117°04 '-- 117°35' east longitude, and it borders the suburbs of Tongling City in the east. White Rabbit Lake, Caizi Lake and Tongcheng City in the west; The southwest corner is adjacent to Anqing City; It borders Wuwei City and Lujiang County in the north; South and Chizhou City across the river, the total area of 1473.43 square kilometers. As of January 2021, Zongyang County has jurisdiction over 15 towns and 1 township, and the people's government of the county is located in Zongyang Town. As of midnight on November 1, 2020, the resident population of Zhongyang County is 469,051.

In the fifth year of Yuan Feng of Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty (106 BC), Liu Che, Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty, made a tour to Firyang in the south. He shot into the river Jiao and wrote the Song of Firyang in the Prosperous Tang Dynasty. In the same year, set Firyang County. July 1, 1955, renamed Firyang County. County territory mineral resources abundant reserves, mineral species are well - known. The proved minerals are mainly copper, iron, gold, uranium, coal, alum stone, etc. There are many copper mines in the county, mainly produced in volcanic rock, occasionally in syenite, barite, limestone, marble and other reserves.

In 2021, Zongyang County achieved a gross regional product of 18.83 billion yuan, the added value of the primary industry of 3.22 billion yuan, the added value of the secondary industry of 5.41 billion yuan, the added value of the tertiary industry of 10.19 billion yuan, the structure of the three industries is 17.1:28.8:54.1. Based on the permanent population, the per capita GDP was 40,149 yuan.

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