Top Ten Food Fairs In China

1. China Changchun International Agri-Food Expo (Trade)

China Changchun International Agriculture · Food Expo (Trade) (referred to as Changchun Agriculture Expo), founded in 2000, is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Jilin Provincial People's Government and Changchun Municipal People's Government. It is an internationally renowned and domestic first-class large-scale comprehensive agricultural exhibition. The exhibition was honored as "Top Ten Most Influential Professional Brand Exhibition in China", "Golden Triding Award of Chinese Brand Exhibition" and "Most Influential Government-Led Exhibition in China". It occupies an important place among large exhibitions at home and abroad, and has become an important window to show the development achievements of modern agriculture in Jilin Province and the opening to the outside world, as well as the city name card of Changchun City.

2. International Fruit, Vegetable and Food Expo

International Fruit and Vegetable Food Expo (Fruit and Vegetable Fair for short) was founded in 1999, is approved by The State Council, jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Shandong Provincial People's Government, hosted by Yantai Municipal people's Government, held in Yantai, a national and international regular economic and trade meeting. After years of development and growth, the fruit and Vegetable Club has become an important platform to show the charm of Yantai, carry out foreign exchanges and expand economic and trade cooperation.

3. China Green Food Expo

China Green Food Expo is a state-level key exhibition co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, jointly organized by the Circulation Industry Promotion Center of the Ministry of Commerce, the Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province and the People's Government of Nanchang City. It aims to build a trading platform, technology exchange platform and information sharing platform for high-quality green food. After years of development, China Green Food Expo has become one of the authoritative and influential comprehensive food expos in China.

4. China Food E-commerce Festival

China Food Ingredients E-commerce Festival was founded in 2008. With the mission of "Let the world have no hard to find food ingredients", it is a new national professional food ingredients industry chain exhibition featuring digitalization and industrial ecology. In 2018, the exhibition joined UFI (International Exhibition Alliance) and became a UFI certified exhibition.

5. Nanjing International Sugar, Wine and Food Fair

CNWFF China (Nanjing) International Sugar, Wine and Food Fair is one of the oldest and largest-scale grand events held in China. It is an international famous brand exhibition certified by the Global Exhibition Association (UFI). After continuous development, it has won unanimous praise in the industry, and the repeat participation rate of enterprises has been increasing year by year.

6. China Candy and Snack Exhibition

China Candy and Snack Exhibition is a large-scale professional exhibition for the exhibition, trade and exchange between manufacturers of candy, chocolate, jelly, preserves, cookies, snacks and snack food and distributors and suppliers. It is known as one of the largest candy and snack exhibition in Asia. The exhibition has won the "Gold Award for Exhibition Industry" issued by Ningbo Government. And selected in Tianjin University of Commerce exhibition major "teaching case".

7. China (Anhui) International Sugar, Wine and Food Fair

China (Anhui) International Sugar, Wine and Food Fair (CAWFF) is a B2B professional event in China's wine and food industry, which is one of the earliest held events in China's food and wine industry. Its exhibition scale, exhibition effectiveness, participating countries, exhibitors, visitors are among the best in the industry, has developed into one of the most famous and authoritative exhibitions in China's food field. It has made great contributions to promoting the development of China's sugar, wine and non-staple food industry, promoted the exchange and cooperation of food culture at home and abroad, and become the wind vane of China's wine and food industry.

8. Shanghai Global Food Exhibition

FHC Shanghai Global Food Exhibition focuses on the food and beverage field, focuses on the upstream and downstream industry chain of the food industry, and fully meets the needs of domestic and foreign visitors for international food service, business connection and market development, and is committed to creating an important exhibition and communication platform that meets the needs of China's food and beverage market. After years of development, Shanghai Global Food Exhibition has become the leading comprehensive exhibition in China.

9. SIAL International Food Exhibition (Shanghai)

SIAL International Food Fair is the private brand of Galme Abbe Exhibition Group. It was founded in 1964 in Paris, France, and introduced to China from France in 2000. SIAL International Food Exhibition (Shanghai) has grown into "one of the top three SIAL Food exhibitions in the world" after years of development, and is a big platform for the world's food trade exchange.

10. China Grain Trade Conference

China Grain Trade Conference is organized by the National Grain Trade Center, the Grain Industry Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Grain Bureau of Heilongjiang Province. It will help advance the supply-side structural reform of agriculture, improve the marketization of grain purchase and sales, enhance the competitiveness of the grain industry, and achieve high-quality development of the grain industry.