Top Ten Horticultural Fairs In China

1. China Flower Expo

China Flower Expo, which was founded in 1987, is the largest, highest grade and most influential national-level flower event in China, known as the "Olympics" of Chinese flower industry. It plays a huge promoting role in promoting communication, expanding cooperation, guiding production and popularizing consumption and it has a profound influence on the development of flower industry in our country.

2. China International Garden and Flower Expo

China International Landscape Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Garden Expo") was founded in 1997. It is a high-level grand gathering in landscape industry jointly organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the local government. It is also an international event with the highest level and the largest scale in China's landscape industry. It has effectively stimulated the development of urban commerce, tourism services and environmental landscape, bringing significant economic benefits and far-reaching social influence to the city.

3. China International Flower and Horticultural Exhibition

China International Flower and Horticultural Exhibition was founded in 1995, sponsored by the China Flower Association and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Forestry Administration. It is a professional exhibition with large scale, high popularity and good trade effect in the field of flowers, horticulture and garden in China. There are exhibitors from China, Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Australia, Israel, South Korea and other countries and regions.

4. China Kunming International Flower Show

Kunming International Flower Show is sponsored by Yunnan Provincial Leading group to build a world-class "green food brand" and Yunnan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Based on the largest producing and distributing area of fresh cut flowers in China, Kunming International Flower Show is a high-level trading event covering the whole flower industry chain and leading the development of Asian flower industry.

5. China (Shanghai) International Landscape Industry Trade Fair

China (Shanghai) International Landscape Industry Trade Fair was founded in 2003. It is a grand event of landscape industry hosted by Shanghai Landscape Industry Association (SLAGTA) and co-organized by landscape industry associations of major provinces and cities in China. To promote domestic and foreign horticultural facilities and related products purchasers and product manufacturers face to face communication.

6. Asian Flower Industry Expo

Asia Flower Industry Expo, formerly known as China Flower Fair (Guangzhou International Flower Potted and Flower Shop Garden Supplies Exhibition), was founded in 2008. The exhibition is committed to building a global exchange and cooperation platform for the whole flower industry chain, promoting the steady development and internationalization of Chinese flower industry, and providing one-stop services for industry insiders to display new products, exchange technology, make friends with flowers, negotiate cooperation and docking precision resources. It is an expo event for the global flower industry to connect industry, university and research, technology exchange and cooperation.

7. Asian Forestry Equipment, Garden Machinery and Garden Tools Exhibition

Asia Forestry Equipment, Garden Machinery and Garden Tools Exhibition was founded in 2008, formerly known as Guangzhou International Garden Machinery and Garden Tools Exhibition (GMF for short), is an annual major event of forestry and garden horticulture industry. As a professional industry exhibition, it attracts a large number of professional visitors and purchasers at home and abroad every year. Many industry products gather here, and it has become the most convenient and efficient platform for merchants to carry out business cooperation and promote products.

8. Zhengzhou International Flower and Horticulture Exhibition

Zhengzhou International Flower and Horticultural Exhibition is the most professional and influential exhibition in central flower industry. The exhibition starts from the actual situation of central China exhibition, close to the needs of visitors as the starting point, with the advantage of Henan's superior geographical advantages, opened up Henan as the center, radiating the Central Plains region of the industry event. To promote the technological upgrading and product upgrading of the domestic modern flower industry, strengthen trade and cooperation between enterprises, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

9. Chinese Garden and Garden Exhibition

China Garden & Garden Horticulture Exhibition is organized by Garden Collection Club. It is a professional exhibition of garden & garden industry. The appearance of this exhibition solves the problems such as insufficient supporting materials, scattered supply of materials products and lack of communication between supply and demand in the background of rapid development of private garden and courtyard industry in China, and becomes the wind vane of garden and courtyard industry.

10. Asian Horticultural and Vegetable Technology Expo

Asia Horticulture & Vegetable Technology Expo was launched in 2017. It covers the whole industry chain from pre-harvest to post-harvest. It is a great event for product and technology providers to interact with growers, traders and investors. In order to improve the output and quality of horticultural products, ensure food safety and produce pollution-free vegetables, a broad communication platform has been built around the horticultural industry.