anshan city

Anshan, also known as the Steel City, is a prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of Liaoning Province, an important steel industry base in China approved by the State Council, and an important central city in central and southern Liaoning. As of November 2020, the city has four districts, one county and one autonomous county under its jurisdiction and one county-level city under its management, with a total area of 9255.4 square kilometers and a permanent population of 3325372. In 2021, Anshan will achieve a GDP of 188.81 billion yuan, up 4.5% year on year.

Anshan is located in northeast China, central Liaoning, central Liaodong Peninsula, and the hinterland of Bohai Rim Economic Zone. It is an important fulcrum of the Shenda Gold Economic Belt, and an important connection between the Liaodong Peninsula Open Zone and the Liaodong Peninsula Central South City Cluster. It is a sub central city of Shenyang Metropolitan Circle and a larger city with local legislative power. It is also China's first iron and steel industrial city, and has the reputation of "the steel capital of the Republic" and "the cradle of China's iron and steel industry".

The earliest civilization in Anshan can be traced back to ancient times. About 20000 years ago, human beings began to live and multiply here; There are exact literature records that the State of Yan, which started in the Warring States Period, belongs to Liaodong Prefecture; The Han Dynasty began to smelt iron by indigenous methods, and the Liao and Jin Dynasties entered their heyday, with a long history of iron smelting culture. Anshan gets its name from a saddle like mountain in the south of the urban area. It is also known as the "Jade Capital of China" because of its abundance of Xiuyu jade. It has five major tourism brands, including the world's first jade Buddha, Asia's famous hot springs, national attractions Qianshan, the Capital of Treasures and Jade of China and the Capital of Iron and Steel of the motherland.

Anshan is an excellent tourist city, a national forest city, a national garden city, a national health city and a national civilized city. In December 2018, Anshan was identified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs as the second batch of agricultural product advantage areas with Chinese characteristics. In March 2022, the Chinese Olympic Committee awarded Anshan the "City of Olympic Champions" trophy.

Chinese counties in anshan city

haicheng county-level city
taian county
Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County

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