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  • This report information was compiled and translated from various live official sources
  • Please note not all items in the report have relevant information
  • E.g: Most Chinese companies choose not to disclose the financial data
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verify china company report-Chinese verification report
Company Information 1.1 Company Contact 1.2 Company Registration Detail 1.3 Shareholder Information 1.4 Key Person 1.5 Company Investment 1.6 Branch And Subsidiary 1.7 Important Company Change Record 1.8 Ultimate Beneficial Owner 1.9 Actual Controller 1.10 Simple Financial Analysis 1.11 Financial data Part II Related Company 2.1 Holding Company 2.2 Indirect Holding Company 2.3 Suspected Relationship Part III Legal Representative Information 3.1 The Company's Name As The Same Legal Representative 3.2 The Investment Of The Legal Representative 3.3 The External Position Of The Legal Representative
Part IV Company Risk 4.1 Court Case 4.2 Execute Information 4.3 Dishonest Debtor 4.4 High Consumption Limit 4.5 Restriction On Departure 4.6 Bankruptcy Reorganization 4.7 Final Court Case 4.8 Judgment document 4.9 Court Notice 4.10 Judicial Auction 4.11 Equity freeze 4.12 Court Filing information Part V Running Risk 5.1 Abnormal operation 5.2 Serious Offence 5.3 Equity Pledge 5.4 Administrative Penalty 5.5 Environmental Penalty 5.6 Tax Illegal Act 5.7 Chattel Mortgage 5.8 Company Liquidation 5.9 Render Guarantee 5.10 Simple Cancellation 5.11 Cancellation Of Filing 5.12 Publicizing Notice For Assertion 5.13 Notice Of Tax Arrears 5.14 Black List
Part VI Qualification And Certificate 6.1 Qualification Certificate 6.2 Import And Export Credit 6.3 Taxpayer Qualification Part VII Intellectual Property 7.1 Trademark 7.2 Patent 7.3 Copyright Of Works 7.4 Software Copyright 7.5 Registration Website Part VIII Important Historical Information 8.1 Historical Dishonest Debtor 8.2 Historical High Consumption Limit 8.3 Historical Execute Information 8.4 Historical Serious Offence 8.5 Historical Administrative Penalty 8.6 Historical Bankruptcy Reorganization 8.7 Historical Abnormal operation