Arshan City

Arshan City is located in the northwest of Hinggan League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, straddling the southwest foothills of the Greater Hinggan Mountains. It is the political, economic and cultural center of Hinggan League. Its geographical coordinates are 119°28'--121°23' east longitude and 46°39'--47°39' north latitude. It is one of the cities with the highest latitude in China. In the east, it is adjacent to Zhalantun City under the jurisdiction of Hulunbuir City and Jalainte Banner of Hinggan League; in the south, it borders on Kaindu Front Banner of Hinggan League; in the west, it borders on Mongolia; in the north, it borders on New Balhu Left Banner and Ewenki Autonomous Banner of Hulunbuir City. It is 142 kilometers long from east to west and 118 kilometers long from north to south, with a total area of 7,408.7 square kilometers. The China-Mongolia border line under its jurisdiction is 93.434 kilometers long.

According to the seventh census, Arshan had a permanent population of 32,301 as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020. Composed of 13 ethnic groups, including Mongolian, Han, Hui, Manchu, Korean, Daur, Miao, Zhuang and Xibe, it is a multi-ethnic settlement area with Mongolian as the main body and Han as the majority.

In July 2019, it won the title of "China Natural Oxygen Bar" creation area in 2019. The third batch of practice and innovation bases "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". In 2020, Arshan's gross regional product reached 1.97 billion yuan.

Chinese counties in Arshan City

Tuquan County
Jalaid Banner
Horqin Right Wing Middle Banner
Horqin Right Wing Front Banner

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