Baicheng city

Baicheng, a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Jilin Province, is located in the northwest of Jilin Province, west of Nenjiang Plain, east of Horqin grassland; The terrain from northwest to southeast is successively low mountains, hills, plains, southwest slightly uplifted; Located in the plains of the eastern foot of the Greater Khingan Mountains, the climate is temperate continental monsoon climate. It has jurisdiction over 1 district, 2 cities and 2 counties; The total area is 26,000 square kilometers; By the end of 2019, Baicheng had a total population of 1,88500, of which 827,300 were urban and 1,057,700 were rural. There were 9,673 births, with a birth rate of 3.4 per thousand. 13,922 people died, with a mortality rate of 4.9 per thousand. The natural growth rate decreased by 1.5‰. According to the seventh census data, as of November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Baicheng City was 1,551,378.

The per capita cultivated land, grassland, suitable forest land, water surface and reed area of Baicheng city all rank first in Jilin Province. There are relatively rich oil resources, wind resources and A variety of mineral resources, the territory of the world A class wetland, national nature reserve Xianghai, national nature reserve Momog. In 1992, Xianghai was designated by The State Council to be listed in the "List of Wetlands of International Importance". In the same year, it was rated as "Class A Nature Reserve of international significance" by the World Wildlife Fund. Momog is an important test area of international GEF project and a national base for forestry science popularization. In 2005, Xianghai and Momoge were rated as "National AAAA tourist attractions" by the state. In 2009, "Crane Dance toward the Sea" was rated as one of the "Eight scenes of Jilin". In September 2019, it was awarded the national Model greening Unit.
In 2019, the city's gross regional product reached 49.155 billion yuan. Baicheng's GDP reached 51.018 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 1.4% over 2019.

Chinese counties in Baicheng city

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