benxi city

Benxi, a prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of Liaoning Province, is the central city in the eastern part of Liaoning Province approved by the State Council, and a comprehensive industrial city focusing on steel and chemical industries. By 2020, the city has 4 districts and 2 autonomous counties under its jurisdiction, with a total area of 8411.3 square kilometers and a permanent population of 1,326,018. In 2021, Benxi will achieve a GDP of 89.42 billion yuan.

Benxi, located in the northeast of China and the east of Liaoning, is a sub central city of Shenyang Economic Zone. It is connected with Shenyang and Fushun in the north, Liaoyang and Anshan in the west, Dandong in the south and Tonghua in the east. Benxi, known as the "scenic spot of Yandong", has six business cards of "strange caves, famous mountains, beautiful waters, hot springs, maple leaves, and folk customs". It is an important base of the Northeast Anti Japanese Federation. It is one of the few cities with natural and cultural "double heritage" in China. It is an excellent tourist city in China, a maple leaf capital in China, and a hot spring city in China. Huanren Wunv Mountain City is a world cultural heritage, the birthplace of Koguryo and the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty. It enjoys the reputation of "Prince City", "Northeast Mountain City" and "Back Garden of Shengjing".

Benxi is an important old industrial base in China with rich mineral resources. It is known as the "Geological Museum" and a famous steel city in China. It is famous for producing high-quality coking coal, low phosphorus iron and special steel. It is also known as the "Green Steel City" and the "Pharmaceutical City of China".

Chinese counties in benxi city

Benxi Manchu Autonomous County
Huanren Manchu Autonomous County

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