Daan City

Da 'an City of Jilin Province, located in the northwest of Jilin Province, east and Heilongjiang Zhaoyuan County across the river, west and Tao Nan City, Tongyu County cross soil, south adjacent to Songyuan City, north and Zhenlai County to Tao 'er River boundary. As of October 2022, Da 'an covers an area of 4,879 square kilometers, with jurisdiction over 10 towns, 8 townships (1 Mongolian township), 5 subdistricts, 10 railway stations, 223 administrative villages, 619 natural townships, and 1 provincial economic development Zone. By the end of 2021, the total population of Da 'an is 369,100.

Da 'an has a long history. In ancient times, the Fuyu, Shiwei, Khitan, Jurchen and Mongolian nationalities lived here as hunters and reproduced. 104 sites of ancient cultural relics have been discovered, including sites of the Neolithic Age, sites of Yinshang and Han books, sites of Liao and Jin semi-mountains, and tombs of princesses of the Qing Dynasty. Da 'an City is at the forefront of opening to the outside world in the west of Jilin Province. The central innovation transformation core area of Jilin Province and the important link point of the western ecological economic zone; It is an important node city on the China-Mongolia Corridor and the Hui Uzbekistan Corridor. The Changbai Railway and the Tonggrang Railway intersect in Da 'an, and the Hui Wu Expressway runs through the city.
In 2021, Da 'an achieved a GDP of 10.284 billion yuan, an increase of 6.9% over 2020 based on comparable prices.


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