jincheng city

Jincheng (Jincheng City) generally refers to Jincheng
Jincheng, Shanxi Province is the jurisdiction of prefecture-level city, ancient known as Jianxing, Zezhou, Zezhou capital. Jincheng City is located in the southeast of Shanxi Province, at the border of Shanxi and Henan provinces. It is located in the Jincheng Basin with a total area of 9,490 square kilometers. Jincheng City is the southeast gateway of Shanxi Province, and has been a place of contention for military forces since ancient times, known as the "Gateway of the Three Jin Dynasties and the first assault of Taihang".

Jincheng has a long history. Twenty thousand years ago, human ruins such as Gaodu, Tashuihe and Xiachuan were left. Eastern Jin County, Northern Wei state, Qing house, is a thousand years old city. It is the originator of the myth that mending the sky, Yu Gong moving the mountain, Yu Chixing the stone Gate and the Shang Dynasty raising rain, etc., which has produced such famous figures as Liu Xisou, Li Junmin, Zhang Shenyan, Wang Guoguang and Chen Tingjing. There are 66 national key cultural preservation units, including Yedidai Temple, Qinglian Temple, Kaihua Temple, Cheng Hao Academy, Liu Family residence, Xiangyu Castle, Tianguan Palace, Palace Palace, Changping Battle site, Yangtou Mountain Grottoes, the Chinese famous Mountain Siancheng Mountain, Taihang Supreme Wang Mang Mountain and many other places of interest and natural heritage.

Jincheng ancient coal and iron town, with "nine head 18 craftsmen" said. Is the Warring States "Yang Agu sword" origin, the territory of Zezhou iron, orchid carbon once famous in the sea. Python River, Lishan and other reserves, the growth of macaque, giant salamander and other rare animals, known as Shanxi "biological resources Treasury" said.

Jincheng is Shanxi Province high - grade casting, electric power, animal husbandry base. Erguang, Jin Hou (Yangyi), Lingqin, Ring Expressway and National Highway 207 are interwoven into a network. Taijiao, Jianan and Houyue railways run through the whole territory. It has many honors such as National Forest City and National Garden City.

Chinese counties in jincheng city

qinshui county
yangcheng county
lingchuan county
zezhou county
gaoping county-level city

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