Ledong Li Autonomous County

Ledong Li Autonomous County is an autonomous county directly under the jurisdiction of Hainan Province, located in the southwest of Hainan Island, between latitude 18°24 'and 18°58' north, longitude 108°39 'and 109°24' east. North high south low terrain, back mountain face sea. It borders Wuzhishan City and Baisha Li Autonomous County in the east and northeast, Sanya City in the southeast, Dongfang City and Changjiang Li Autonomous County in the north, and the South China Sea in the southwest. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Ledong Li Autonomous County was 464,435; It has jurisdiction over 11 towns, 173 village committees, 20 neighborhood committees and 600 natural villages. The land area is 2766.42 square kilometers, including 561.21 square kilometers of cultivated land; The sea area is 1,726.8 square kilometers, and the coastline is 84.3 kilometers.

Ledong Li Autonomous County has a long history and a long history of culture. According to the Han Dynasty silver seal unearthed in the county "Zhu Lu Shou" identification, as early as two thousand years ago, the ancestors of the Li nationality worked on this land; Da 'an Town and Huangliu Town under the jurisdiction of Hainan Province were named by the Ministry of Culture as "the Hometown of Chinese Folk Art" (paper-cut and flower lamp). The cotton textile technique of the Li nationality in Qianjia Town and the linen textile technique of the Li nationality in Zhizhong Town were included in the first batch of "Intangible Cultural Heritage List" of Hainan Province together with the traditional spinning, dyeing and weaving techniques of the Li nationality along with Yazhou folk song. Within the territory of the railway, highway (west Ring road) through, close to Sanya port, eight ports and Sanya Phoenix International Airport. In December 2019, it became a pilot unit for the construction of the national rural governance system, and was selected as a pilot unit for promoting the quality improvement of farmers' cooperatives in the whole county.

In 2020, the GDP of Ledong Li Autonomous County reached 15.111 billion yuan, an increase of 2.2 percent over the previous year at constant prices.

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