luohe city

Luohe City, a prefecture level city in Henan Province, is a national famous food city, a regional transportation hub city, an important modern commercial logistics center in the Central Plains Economic Zone, and an ecological livable city approved by the People's Government of Henan Province. The total area is 2617 square kilometers. As of 2018, it has jurisdiction over 3 municipal districts and 2 counties.

Luohe is located at the southwest edge of the North China Plain. The west is Funiu Mountain, and the east is plain, which is the joint of the second and third ladders in China's terrain; Located in the southern edge of the warm temperate zone, it belongs to the warm transitional monsoon climate. During the year, cold and hot alternate, with four distinct seasons. With a long history, the Qiyin Bone Flute, a national treasure unearthed at the Jiahu Site, is the earliest musical instrument in the world; The inscriptions on oracle bones from 8000 to 9000 years ago discovered are the earliest rudiments of characters in the world; The unearthed wine making relics pushed the history of human wine making to more than 9000 years ago; Xu Shen, who compiled the world's earliest dictionary Shuowenjiezi, also lives in this land.

Luohe City is a demonstration city for the "three products" strategy of consumer goods industry in 2018.

In 2021, the gross regional product of Luohe City will reach 172.11 billion yuan, up 9.1% year on year.

Chinese counties in luohe city

wuyang county
linying county

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