pingxiang city

Pingxiang City (Pingxiang City) generally means Pingxiang (prefecture-level city of Jiangxi Province)
Pingxiang, a prefecture-level city of Jiangxi Province and an important member of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River City cluster, is located in the west of Jiangxi Province, bordered by Yichun City and Ji 'an City in the east, adjacent to Ji 'an City and Zhuzhou City of Hunan Province in the south, connected to Zhuzhou City of Hunan Province in the west, and bounded by Changsha City of Hunan Province in the north. The landform is more complex, belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climate zone, four distinct seasons; It covers an area of 3823.99 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over 2 districts of Anyuan and Xiangdong and 3 counties of Shangli, Luxi and Lianhua. City people's government in Anyuan District Baiyuan street Yuhu East Road. According to the seventh census, Pingxiang has a permanent population of 1,804,805. In 2020, Pingxiang achieved a gross regional product of 96.36 billion yuan.

Pingxiang is the "west gate" of Jiangxi and the central position in the economic development pattern of West Jiangxi. It is known as "Thoroughfare of Hunan and Jiangxi" and "throat of Wu and Chu". Pingxiang is in the radiation core area of Changzhu-Tan economic Circle, and also receives the radiation of pan-Pearl River Delta Economic zone and southeast Fujian Economic Zone. The Shanghai-Kunming railway runs through the hinterland of the city and is connected with the two major arteries of Beijing, Guangzhou and Beijing and Kowloon. National highways 319 and 320 cross in the urban intersection, Shanghai-Kunming expressway, Pinghong expressway runs through the whole territory. The city center is only 120 kilometers away from Changsha Huanghua Airport in Hunan Province, with superior geographical conditions.

Anyuan, the birth of the Communist Party of China's first industrial workers branch, the first small group (branch) of the Chinese Socialist Youth League. Out of Anyuan coal Mine came 13 workers general. Famous figures include Liu Fenggao, Wen Tingshi, Zhu Yifan, Kai Feng, Gao Zili, Wu Yunduo, Wu Xuezhou, Chen Shupeng, Gan Zuchang and his wife Gong Quanzhen, Yu Yixuan, Huang Haihuai, etc.
In 2022, it was selected into the provincial pilot list of the first batch of urban renewal in Jiangxi Province.

Chinese counties in pingxiang city

lianhua county
luxi county
shangli county

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