shuozhou city

Shuozhou (Shuozhou) generally means Shuozhou (prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Shanxi Province)
Shuozhou, a prefectural city under the jurisdiction of Shanxi Province, is located in the northern part of Shanxi Province, on the upper reaches of Sanggan River, adjacent to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the northwest and encirclement Yanmen Pass in the south. The landform of Shuozhou is generally surrounded by mountains on three sides in the north, west and south, with high mountain potential. In the middle is the alluvial plain of Sanggan River region, which is relatively low and belongs to the temperate continental monsoon climate. It has jurisdiction over 2 municipal districts, 3 counties and 1 county-level city in charge; The total area is 10,600 square kilometers. By the end of 2021, Shuozhou has a permanent population of 1,590,300.

Shuozhou is a new city with the reform and opening up. It is the birthplace of Youyu spirit. It has a long history and profound culture. Since ancient times, the farming civilization of the Central Plains and the grassland nomadic civilization collided and blended. There is Yingxian Wooden Pagoda, one of the three great pagodas in the world, and the oldest Great Wall of the Northern Qi Dynasty, which has been relatively intact for 327 kilometers. The Great Wall and the ancient Tea and Horse Road meet at Youyu Killing Hukou. Some prominent figures emerged in history, such as General Zhang Liao of The Three Kingdoms, Wei Chi Gong of the Tang Dynasty, Li Cuk Gong, the first emperor of the Later Tang Dynasty, Wang Jiaming, the cabinet chief in the Ming Dynasty, Li Lin, a national "Double Hundred heroes", and Chen Rixin, a prominent contribution figure to reform and opening-up.
In 2021, the gross regional product of Shuozhou reached 142.06 billion yuan, an increase of 9.8% over the previous year based on comparable prices.


Chinese counties in shuozhou city

shanyin county
yingxian county
youyu county
huairen county

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