suizhou city

Suizhou, a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Hubei Province, is located in the northern part of Hubei Province, adjacent to Wuhan in the east, Xiangyang in the west, Nanyang and Xinyang in the north, and Jingzhou in the south. The whole city covers an area of 9636 square kilometers. By the end of 2021, Suizhou's permanent population is 2,016 million.

Suizhou, known as "the country of East Han Dynasty" in ancient times, is a famous historical and cultural city in China. Dahongshan, a scenic spot in Jingchu known as "the first peak in the north of the Chu Sky", has beautiful scenery and strange landscape. It is a national natural scenery reserve. The world-famous chimes were unearthed here, and it was also the birthplace of Shennong, the first ancestor of Chinese Emperor Yan. Suizhou is located in the intersection of the Yangtze River basin and the Huaihe River basin. It is located at the key point of Jingyu and the choke point of Hanxiang. It is the key town in northern Hubei Province, the "north gate" of Hubei Province opening to the outside world, and an important relay station and transfer station from east to west for the implementation of the Western development strategy. On December 13, 2018, Suizhou was selected into the list of advantaged agricultural products with Chinese characteristics. In 2021, the GDP of Suizhou reached 124.145 billion yuan, an increase of 12.0% over the previous year at comparable prices.

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