Tonghua city

Tonghua, a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Jilin Province, is located in the southeast of Jilin Province, bordering Baishan in the east, Benxi, Fushun and Dandong in the west, facing Cijiang Road of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea across the Yalu River in the south, and Liaoyuan and Jilin City in the north. More than two thirds of the area is mountainous, belonging to Changbai Mountain system and a medium-temperate humid climate zone. As of December 18, 2022, the city has jurisdiction over 2 districts, 3 counties, 2 county-level cities, 1 state-level pharmaceutical high-tech Zone and 1 Jilin Tonghua International Inland Port Area, with a total area of 15,195 square kilometers and a permanent resident population of 1,302,778.

Tonghua has a long history and profound cultural deposits. It is the birthplace of Goguryeo culture and Shaman culture. The capital of Goguryeo was set up in Ji 'an 425 years ago. Located in the center of Northeast Asia economic circle and the core area of Yalu River International Economic Cooperation Belt, Tonghua is known as the green three-dimensional treasure house and one of the "three natural medicine storehouses" in China. It is also known as the hometown of Chinese traditional medicine, wine, ginseng, high-quality rice, pine and flower inkstone and skiing.
In 2021, Tonghua achieved a regional GDP of 56.79 billion yuan and a per capita GDP of 37,080 yuan.

Chinese counties in Tonghua city

Jian county-level city
Meihekou county level city

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