Wuhai city

Wuhai, a prefectual-level city under the jurisdiction of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, bordering Ordos in the northeast by the Gander Mountain, facing Shizuishan City in the south by the river, and Alxa League in the west. It is located deep in the mainland and has a typical temperate continental climate. It has jurisdiction over 3 districts with a total area of 1754 square kilometers. By the end of 2021, the city's permanent population was 558,100.

Wuhai City is known as the "Pearl of the Yellow River". Surrounded by three mountains and flowing in one river, the people are honest and sincere. Wuhai City is rich in resources, known as the "Wujin Sea"; The city is rich in water, soil, light and heat resources, suitable for grape planting, has the reputation of "grape town"; It is an emerging industrial city in western Inner Mongolia and an important hub from North China to Northwest China.

In 2021, the GDP of Wuhai reached 71.866 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 5.1%

Chinese counties in Wuhai city

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