Alxa League

Alxa League, located in the westernmost part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is connected to Wuhai, Bayannur and Ordos in the east and northeast, adjacent to Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the south and southeast, bordering Gansu Province in the west and southwest, and bordering Mongolia in the north, with a border length of 735 kilometers. The total area of the league is 270,000 square kilometers. As of November 2020, the Alxa League had a permanent population of 262,300.

As early as the Paleolithic Age, there were human activities in the territory. Huo Qubing, a general of the Western Han Dynasty, entered Juyan and recovered Hexi. Yuan Dynasty also set up is the road manager house. Two special flags were set up in the Qing dynasty: the Alxa Heshuo Te Banner and the Ejin Old Tulouti Banner. In 1949, the Heshuote Banner of Alxa and the Ejin Tullute Banner were peacefully liberated. In May 1980, the Alxa League was founded. Bayanhot Town is 1131 km from Beijing and 723 km from Hohhot in the east, 114 km from Yinchuan and 817 km from Xi 'an in the southeast, and 520 km from Lanzhou in the southwest.

In 2020, the regional GDP of the Alxa League reached 30.48 billion yuan, up 3.8 percent year on year; The total revenue of local governments reached 5.85 billion yuan, up 1.9 percent year on year.

Chinese counties in Alxa League

Ejin Banner
Alxa Right Banner
Alxa Left Banner

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