daqing city

Daqing, also known as Oil City, is a prefecture-level city administered by Heilongjiang Province. It is an important national oil production and petrochemical industrial base approved by The State Council and an important regional central city in the west of Heilongjiang Province. By the end of 2021, Daqing has jurisdiction over 5 districts, 3 counties and 1 autonomous county, with a total area of 21,000 square kilometers and a permanent population of 2.747 million. In 2021, Daqing's GDP reached 262 billion yuan, an increase of 6.2% over the previous year.

Daqing is located in the northeast of China and the southwest of Heilongjiang Province. It is the central city of Harbin-Changchun City Cluster, the demonstration city of service outsourcing in China, and the first batch of demonstration city pilot cities for safe development in China. Daqing has won many honors, such as National Civilized City, National Health City, National Model City of Environmental Protection, National Garden City, and China Excellent Eco-Tourism City. It is honored as "The Green Oil City, the natural City of 100 Lakes, and the hometown of Hot Springs in the North".
Daqing is the largest petroleum and petrochemical base in China and the location of Daqing Oilfield, the largest oil field in China. It is a famous industrial city with oil and petrochemicals as its pillar industries. It is one of the 19 member cities of the World Energy City Partnership Organization. Daqing Oilfield has an oil-bearing area of over 6,000 square kilometers and proven petroleum reserves of 6.7 billion tons.
In November 2017, the review confirmed that it would remain a national civilized city

Chinese counties in daqing city

zhaozhou county
zhaoyuan county
lindian county
Durbert Mongolian Autonomous County

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