linfen city

Linfen City (Linfen City) generally refers to Linfen
Linfen, a prefecture-level city administered by Shanxi Province, is located in the southwest of Shanxi Province, east of Taiyue, and Changzhi, Jincheng as neighbors; West of the Yellow River, and Shaanxi Yan 'an, Weinan across the river; North from Han Xinling, and Jinzhong, Luliang adjacent; South bordering Yuncheng, because it is located at the shore of Fenshui named; Located in the semi-arid, semi-humid monsoon climate zone, a temperate continental climate. By 2021, the city has jurisdiction over 1 municipal district, 14 counties and 2 county-level cities, covering an area of 20,302 square kilometers. The city has a permanent population of 3,912,400.

Linfen has a long history, is one of the important birthplace of the Chinese nation and the cradle of the Yellow River civilization, known as "the first capital of China"; It is an important grain and cotton production base

in North China, rich in wheat, cotton and so on. It is known as "the hometown of cotton and wheat" and "the Land of plumes". Linfen is the provincial sub-central city, is an important part of the construction of new energy and industrial base in Shanxi Province. In December 2019, Linfen became a provincial sub-central city. Linfen is rich in natural resources and is one of the three main quality coking coal bases in China. Linfen has a wide variety of intangible culture, with Puzhou Wooden Clappers, Weifeng gongs and drums and other folk art forms. It is known as the "home of plum blossoms", "home of paper-cutting" and "home of gongs and drums".
In 2021, Linfen achieved a gross regional product of 190.95 billion yuan, an increase of 8.5 percent over the previous year.

Chinese counties in linfen city

quwo county
houma county-level city
fenxi county
puxian county
yonghe county
xixian county
daning county
xiangning county
jixian county
fushan county
anze county
guxian county
hongtong county
xiangfen county
yicheng county
huozhou county-level city

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