fushan county

Fushan County, located in the southeast of Linfen City of Shanxi Province, lies between 111°38'44"~113°13'06" east longitude and 35°48'54"~36°06'21" north latitude. Fushan County covers an area of 940 square kilometers. Fushan County is a temperate continental climate, better lighting conditions, long frost-free period, large temperature difference between day and night. As of October 2021, Fushan County has jurisdiction over 4 towns and 3 townships. Fushan County People's Government in Tiantan Town Tiantan Road 153. By the end of 2021, Fushan County had a permanent population of 95,419.

Fushan County because of the legend of Yao and Shun period, the flood cross flow, the mountain floating in the water, so named Fushan. Tang Wude two years (619 years), set Fushan County, county governing Guo Cheng. In 2000, belongs to Linfen City. Fushan County has 309 National Highway in the north, Dayun Expressway and 208 National Highway in the west, and South-Central Railway through. Fushan County has won the title of "Hometown of paper-cut art," "Hometown of Chinese Folk Art" and so on.
In 2021, the GDP of Fushan County was 5106.1 million yuan, with per capita GDP of 52,572 yuan.

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